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Services | Bama Inžinering-Monting



Manufacture and installation of fences.
Secure and limit the land you own.
We design, manufacture and install fences according to your requirements, wishes and needs. In the construction we use high quality metal that offers high gloss, toughness (resistance to abrasives), elasticity and hardness (the ability of the material to resist the application of external force without breaking).
The fence can be made in color according to your wishes.
Let your home look even more beautiful.


Your parking space from now on is only Yours!!!
The problem with the parking blockers of Our company is already in the past.
Construction and installation of parking blockers.


Unsolvable problems are a thing of the past.
BaMa Inzinering-Monting has a solution to all the problems in the field of steel work.
With its professional staff, BaMa Inzinering-Monting offers you an elegant appearance of rough iron. High quality, prompt and fast production as well as acceptable prices are what our company offers.
Welcome to visit us and see for yourself our quality.


Manufacture and installation of metal structures with lexan.
Protect your vehicle and provide shade on summer days.
Lexan is a material most commonly used to cover metal structures. As a material, it is flexible, durable, resistant to all weather conditions, offers thermal and sound insulation. Easy to maintain and clean.
An ideal solution if you want to aesthetically beautify the appearance of Your apartment or house.
The construction of metal structures with lexan is with dimensions and appearance, according to your request, desire and need.